Te Kōpere is proposing that Te Kopere trustees, or an entity of Te Kopere (a corporate trustee) become the marae trustees for Te Haroto Marae. The Proposal has come about from our strategic planning for the iwi and the desire of the iwi to see major growth the redevelopment of our Marae, our culture and develop our ahikā.
Voting on the proposal is now underway. Voter packs were posted to all adult verified members, with a current address, on Friday 19 August 2016. A copy of the proposal can be found in our panui tab on our website.

To cast your vote online enter your unique personal identification number (PIN) and Password (all lowercase). You would have received this in the mail and another email would have been sent to you if Te Kōpere has your email address.

 electionz.com has been contracted as an independent election management company to manage the voting process for the 2016 Te Haroto Marae Proposal.

Voting closes at 12 noon on Friday 9 September 2016.

You can access the voting area by clicking this link: https://evote.electionz.com/e/MaraeProposal2016

If you have any queries regarding the voting process, please contact electionz.com during normal office hours on 0800 666 046 or send an email to iro@electionz.com.