Tena tatou katoa,

You will have recently received a letter from the Maori Land Court with a voting pack for the Te Haroto Marae Trustees.
As you may recall, we came out to the iwi last year with a proposal and vote to gauge support for Te Kopere to become the trustees of the marae. The reasons for this included the issues that the Marae trustees were facing internally, the need for repairs and maintenance on the Marae, and the desire by Te Kopere to upgrade the marae in accordance with our Strategic Plan. A copy of the Te Kopere proposal can be found HERE. We had a very positive response in favour of Te Kopere becoming the trustees (79% in support). The link for the results can be found HERE. For the past twelve months we have worked with the Maori Land Court and the Marae trustees to come to some form of resolution regarding our Marae but this has not happened and now the Court has ordered an election for the Marae.

The Judge has decided that the Marae Trustees, due to their inability to work together, would stand down as trustees and that a new election would be held. Our submission for Te Kopere to be the trustee (as per the approved resolution last year) was not agreed to by the court as they would like to hear again from the iwi by way of vote. Therefore, the only way for Te Kopere to become the trustees of the Marae is for the trustees to individually stand for the Marae.

If you are supportive of our proposal to become the trustees of Te Haroto Marae, we urge you to vote for the Te Kopere trustees. The trustees of Te Kopere are:

Tirohia Bridger

Joyce Eparaima

Tohinui Tawhai

Renata Bush

Tuhuiao Kahukiwa

Winnie Te Reo Spooner

Karauna Brown

Each person will get to choose eight people as their trustees for the Marae. Therefore, you can vote for each of our seven Te Kopere trustees and one other if you are supportive of the proposal.
The vote is being independently managed by the Maori Land Court. A meeting is being held by the Maori Land Court at Te Haroto Marae on Saturday 30 September 2017 at 10am to hold the elections. If you cannot make the meeting on 30 September, you can vote by way of postal ballot which you would have received in the post. The postal voting is open now and closes at 3pm Friday 13 October 2017. The postal vote must be in the hands of the Maori Land Court registrar by this time and date.

The other nominees for the Marae Trustees are:
Lydia (Sullivan-Ihaia) Puriri
Henare Ratima
Papara Wano
Brian Winston Hori Apiata;
Mary Anne Clark
John Wano
Grace Te Aroha Campbell
Kerena Marie Douglas
Moana Marie Davis

Nga mihi,
Tuhuiao Kahukiwa
Chairman – Te Kopere