Tēna tātou Hineuru,


This is an important notice to all members of Hineuru regarding the ratification of the Hineuru Deed of Settlement. On 25 July we initialled our Deed of Settlement with the Crown with a view of beginning ratification in August. Unfortunately, there has been a delay in the funding from CFRT and the Crown which is delaying our ratification of our Deed of Settlement.


The CFRT trustees met in July and August when the Ngati Hineuru Iwi Incorporated (NHII) application was put forward for approval. The trustees of CFRT have not yet approved the funding. We understand that this is due to no fault of NHII but due to internal CFRT issues and politics by CFRT trustees.


Hineuru are a beneficiary of CFRT and are entitled to funding for our Treaty claim settlement. The funding for this stage was to cover the ratification period including ratification meetings, the preparation and distribution of voting packs to every Hineuru member eligible to vote on the settlement, cost of an external election provider such as Election NZ and administration costs.


As previously notified in our panui of 25 July 2014, NHII were to begin the ratification of our Deed of Settlement in August with a view to receiving the results prior to the NHII AGM to announce those results and if successful, begin the wind up of NHII.


However, without this funding, Hineuru are unable to begin our ratification work. The Board has unanimously agreed that it would be imprudent to begin ratification of our claims settlement without the adequate funding to support this phase.


With the current funding predicament that we are left with, the Board are of the unanimous view that the NHII AGM should be delayed by up to three weeks from the end of September to provide enough time to complete the ratification process. The Board have also decided that if the results of the ratification are favourable an SGM will be held on the same day and place as the AGM to hold the first of two meetings to wind up NHII.


If the CFRT trustees approve the NHII funding application at their meeting of 9 September, which we expect that they should, then we can proceed quickly to ratification of our Deed.


We are working hard to get these issues resolves so that we may meet with all of our Hineuru whanau to discuss the settlement in due course with a view to ratify our Deed of Settlement. We thank you all for your continued support as we move closer to finalising the work that was set out by those no longer here.


Mai Hineuru, mo Hineuru



Tuhuiao Kahukiwa