Our Board

Meet our Board

Tuhuiao Kahukiwa, Chairman
Tu is actively involved in all aspects of Hineuru development. He is passionate about promotion of Hineuru as tangata whenua and mana whenua within the Hineuru rohe and also about improving the lives of Hineuru now and into the future.

Karauna Brown, Deputy Chairman and Lead Negotiator
A retired structural engineer by trade, Karauna currently resides at Te Haroto Marae, and works as the Kaitiaki for the marae. Karauna’s roles include strategic relationship management on behalf of Hineuru. Karauna is also a member of the Te Haroto Marae Committee, and has interests in rugby league and softball.

Toi Tawhai
Toi has a strong background in the energy and electricity sectors, and also education and teaching. His career includes previous roles in systems and information management, organisational development, and history and archives.Toi regards his role as trustee for Hineuru as a privilege, and he wishes to see the very best for Hineuru now and into the future.

Tirohia Bridger
Tirohia is a trustee and is presently employed as the Finance and Administration Manager at Radio Kahungunu. Other interests include weaving and whakapapa research.

Mona Bush, Renata Bush

Renata Bush

Renata has an extensive background in forestry and silviculture industries having held previous roles at all organisational levels. He has shareholding interests in many of the Māori Authorities throughout the Hineuru rohe.

Te Reo Spooner
Te Reo is a shareholder with interests in Tataraakina, Tarawera and Te Haroto Māori Authorities across the Hineuru area. She has an active commitment to Hineuru as demonstrated in her efforts to retain and promote te taha Māori me Te Reo me ōna Tikanga.