Hineuru Negotiations

Ngati Hineuru Iwi Incorporated

Ngati Hineuru Iwi Incorporated (NHII) was established in 2009 as the mandated entity to negotiate the Hineuru settlement with the Crown. Ngati Hineuru Iwi Incorporated was an Incorporated Society and from 2009 to 2015, work very closely to negotiate and complete the Hineuru Deed of Settlement. The Hineuru Deed of Settlement was initialed in July 2014 and was ratified by Hineuru iwi in December 2014. As an Incorporated Society, NHII was not permitted by the Crown to be the post-settlement governance entity for Hineuru. therefore, in developing the settlement redress, NHII also developed the Te Kopere o te iwi o Hineuru Trust as the proposed post-settlement governance entity for Hineuru iwi to receive, hold, and manage the Hineuru settlement. Hineuru iwi also ratified the establishment of this entity in December 2014.

This part is about remembering NHII as this entity was integral to our success in negotiations. The documents on this page include the information that was developed as part of our settlement redress and presentations to the Crown.

NHII Rules

Ngati Hineuru Iwi Incorporated Annual Reports

Ngati Hineuru Claims documents