Commercial Activities

Hineuru Commercial Activities

The economic objectives of Hineuru are about growing our asset base to help further our social, cultural and environmental aspirations as an iwi. We must grow our assets prudently and be a little more creative in wealth creation for Hineuru.

The next year will be committed to growing the Hineuru asset base. The focus initially is about receiving, managing and developing the following assets:

  • Woodstock Station- The management and development of Woodstock Station, which is comprised of a 1551 hectare farm block and a 411 hectare forestry block.
  • Investment- The investment of funds to maximise return.
  • Esk Forest- The management of Esk Forest, a 4255 hectare pine radiata forest.


The management, development and growth of these assets will be guided by:

  • SIPO- The development of a Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives.
  • Business Plan- The development and implementation of business plans for Woodstock Station.
  • Economic Development Plan- The development and implementation of a long term economic development plan.